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about production service partners

Envirotherm GmbH Envirotherm GmbH is the core of experienced and qualified engineering companies within the Allied Technologies Group. The company engineers, supplies and starts-up tailor made plants for environmentally friendly power and chemical industry applications as an EPC partner and technology provider, with emphasis on syngas generation, flue gas cleaning, power production and dedusting technologies. Envirotherm’s extensive list of references is based on close contact to customers and a broad portfolio of modern technologies, continuously updated by cooperation with competent suppliers worldwide as well as with research institutes.

Амрон "Amron" is located in St. Petersburg, Russia, specializing in the comprehensive treatment of the metal. Modern equipment allows the company to fulfil orders of any complexity. Profile of activities: services for laser cutting steel (up to 16 mm), stainless steel (including with presets plastic protective film), galvanized sheet, aluminum sheet. Related areas: flexible metal bending machine highly qualified specialists, flexible complex profile and welding products. Welding equipment to weld the fastener contact method. "Amron" means a high quality and affordable prices even in the manufacture of small batches and prototypes.

Стальдекор "Steel Décor", Saint-Petersburg, Russia. The main profile of the company is manufacturing and installation of fencing and any structures of various configurations from stainless steel. The assembly workshop allows to perform various tasks. Steel Décor products can be found in many public buildings in Saint-Peterdurg, in such as Pulkovo airport and St. Petersburg Metropolitain. High quality welding and finishing work is appreciated by the clients.

Бизнес-инкубатор Ингрия Ingria Business Incubator is a structural unit of St.Petersburg Technopark. The project started in 2008 with the support of the Government of St. Petersburg and the Committee on Industrial Policy and Innovations. Here high-tech projects receive the support which is necessary for further growth. The business incubator was established in 2008, and during that time it has helped more than 200 startups to take their first steps in the market, form a professional team, get investments and find customers.