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about production service partners

   We are glad to offer our service:


  • Revamp and modernization of incinerators of other manufacturers in order to improve their safety, efficiency and reliability
  • Process design and calculations
  • Equipment design
  • Process safety analisys
  • Process part of design documentation development
  • Process and operation manual development
  • Testing method development
  • Development of Russian-language technical documentation of imported equipment and production lines

Commissioning and start-up

  • Equipment preservation
  • Pipes blowing and flushing
  • Hydraulic and pneumatic testing
  • Vibration diagnostics of rotating equipment
  • Shafts alignment
  • Control loop checking
  • Equipment individual testing
  • Comprehensive test
  • Personnel training

For detailed information about our services please call on +7 (812) 309-85-79, +7 (911) 144-07-19, or e-mail: info@enviro.su.